Top 5 Least Obedient Large Dog Breeds

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1. Afghan hounds

Afghan hounds are the least obedient dog breeds with independent personalities.

These dogs are stubborn in obedience training and difficult to train for first-time owners.

2. Bullmastiff

Bullmastiffs are loyal and protective dogs, but due to their intelligence streak, they may be challenging to train.

3. Bull terrier

Playful but stubborn dogs require consistent obedience training but are highly energetic dogs.

4. Malamute

Malamute are challenging to train due to their independent personality and are suitable for experienced owners.

5. Siberian husky

Most famous sled dogs known for their endurance are independent and difficult to train.

But Siberian huskies are friendly, intelligent, and alert dogs and can become the best canine companions for experienced owners.