Top 5 Low-Shedding Toy Dog Breeds

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1. Affenpinscher

Affenpincher is a toy dog breed that doesn't shed a lot and is famous for its sense of humor.

This dog breed is known as a "monkey-like terrier" with a curious, fun-loving, and playful personality.

2. Basenji

Basenji, often called a barkless dog, sheds less, so these are low-maintenance dogs.

3. Bichon Frise 

Bichon frise curly-haired dog breed with friendly and affectionate personality with low shedding.

4. Brussels Griffon

These dogs are perfectly suitable for apartment living because of low shedding and maintenance.

5. Maltese

Maltese is the prettiest low, shedding small dog that makes a strong bond with the owner and adapts to any situation.

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