Top 8 Most Beautiful Rare Dog Breeds

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1. Otterhound 

Another Hound is England's most beautiful but rare large hunting dog breed.

2. Ibizan hound

These rare dogs are independent and stubborn and originated from Ibiza.

3. Cirneco dell etna

These dogs are popular as "athletic hunters" known for their keen sense of smell.

4. Finnish spitz

Finland origin beautiful dogs known for courageous and friendly personalities with life soan 12-14 years.

5. Pyrenean shepherd

Excellent herding dogs originated from France and are clever and highly trainable rare dogs.

6. Sloughi 

This Alert and sensitive temperament rare dog is nicknamed the "Arabian Greyhound."

7.  American foxhound 

These sweet-tempered dogs and extremely rare dogs can be independent and stubborn during training.

8. English foxhound

These dogs are scent hounds bred to hunt foxes with a life span of 10 to 13 years with an active temperament.

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