Top 8 Most Sensitive Dog Breeds

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1. American pit bull terrier

American pit bull terriers are the most sensitive dog breed making them highly responsive to human emotions.

2. Border collie

Border collies are famous for their herding skills and intelligence but are also susceptible.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Small sensitive dogs are famous for their affectionate and gentle personality, making their family happy.

4. Golden retriever

This friendly, sensitive dog understands human emotions providing the best companionship even during a challenging time.

5. Rottweiler

These dogs are extra sensitive about their owners, feel emotions, and offer unconditional support.

6. Labrador retriever

Labrador retrievers are the most caring  dogs that are reasonable at reading human emotions and responding accordingly.

7. Doberman pinchers

This Loyal protector is extra sensitive about their owners with full of love and devotion towards owners.

8. Australian Shepherd

Most sensitive, intelligent dogs are always protective of their owners and protect them 24/7

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