Top 8 Scariest Dog Breeds

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1. Doberman pinchers

Doberman pinchers are the scariest dog breed of all dogs due to their alert expression.

2. German shepherd

Guard dogs full of loyalty and protective instinct look scary when it protects their owners from strangers.

3. Kangal

The strongest and toughest large dogs are bred to protect livestock but can be gentle if well-trained and socialized.

4. Wolf dog

Piercing eyes and wolf-like appearance make it the scariest dog in the world and require experienced owners.

5. American pit bull terrier

These are the most misunderstood dogs, but good pet ownership and proper Socialization make gentle and friendly giants.

6. Rottweiler

These gentle giants are the most affectionate guard dog breed raised with care and early Socialization.

7. Great Dane

Another affectionate and one of the largest dog breeds looks scary with a big body and deep howl.

8. Cane Corso

Italy's original giant dog breed is one of the scariest dogs, popular for its strength and fearless personality.