Top 5 Dogs That Look Like Huskies

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1. Utonagon dog 

England-origin dog breeds with a lifespan of 10 to 15 years with sizes bigger than huskies. 

This is the most athletic and energetic Dog breed with significantly high exercise requirements.

2. Alaskan Klee kai 

Smaller than huskies aged 15 to 18 years are very active, energetic, and playful dogs.

3. Alaskan malamute

Bigger and more powerful than huskies,  can serve in very harsh cold conditions.

4. Canadian Eskimo dog 

Canadian intuits sogs, also popular as working dogs in the Arctic, are becoming rare with a risk of extinction.

5. Northern Inuit Dog

This crossbreed originated from the UK and became popular because the Game of Thrones (the dire wolves) is aloof and stubborn.

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