Top 8 Largest PitBull Breeds

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1. XL American bully

These are the largest pitbull breed compared with all breeds, with sizes of around 80  to 140 pounds, and they are popular as big droolers.

These dogs are great with children, but supervision is a must, and also, these dogs require much more space in their exercise for mental stimulation.

2. Extreme American bully

The weight of this type of pitbull ranges from 75 to 120 pounds, and it is popular as a large muscular massive body builder-type dog.

3. Standard American bully

This pitbull-type breed is more athletic than other breeds known for their high energy.

4. Classic American bully

The height of a classic American bully is 13 to 20 inches are great for families to be known for their loyalty, strength, and intelligence.

5. American Staffordshire terrier

 this breed originated from the USA, has a high prey drive, and requires plenty of exercise for mental stimulation.

6. American pit bull terrier

These dogs grow in very large sizes with weights of around 30 to 75 pounds and have a bad reputation for being aggressive and dangerous.

7. Staffordshire Bull terrier

These dogs are popular and named "Staffies" and need plenty of time and experience for their mental stimulation and well-being.

8. Pocket American bully

Weight of around 11 to 22 pounds look pretty with their muscular look weighing around known as mixed breed.

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