Top 8 Most Athletic Dog Breeds

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1. Border collie

Undoubtedly the border collie is the most athletic dog breed, also popular as "the energetic dynamo."

Incredible working dogs are known to take their energetic minds and digging exercises.

2. Jack Russell terrier

3. Siberian husky

Highly athletic and independent sled dogs require consistent training for their obedience.

4. Boxer

Most affectionate and athletic dogs are known for their strong athletic bodies and high energy levels.

5. Greyhound

Taking the top honor of fasted dog breed are known for their agile and athletic personality.

6. German shepherd

Versatile guard dogs excel in physical activities due to their agility.

7. Belgian Malinois

Exceptional working dogs with impressive athleticism are perfectly suited to experienced owners.

8. Australian Shepherd

These dogs are great agile partners for adventure due to their herding abilities and intelligence.

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