Top 8 Quietest Dog Breeds

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1. Bernese mountain dog

Bernese mountain dog is the quietest dog breed, also known as "gentle giants," that rarely barks.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

Most affectionate toy dogs are famous for their quiet, friendly, gentle personality.

3. French bulldogs

Happiest toy dogs ranked 1st in the most popular dogs, making them peaceful companions.

4. Bulldogs 

Bulldogs have Moderate exercise requirements and rarely barks, making them a quiet canine companion.

5. Basenji

"Barkless dogs" with high exercise requirements are independent and difficult to train.

6. Australian Shepherd

This dog breed is known as a "calm herding partner" and looks pretty because its coat doesn't bark unnecessarily.

7. Irish Setter

Most Affectionate and energetic dog breed barks lowest with very little noise.

8. Shih Tzu 

Affectionate lap dogs are popular for their fluffy coat barks whenever essential otherwise, keep calm and quiet.

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