Top 8 Velcro Dog Breeds

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1. Vizla 

Vizla are the most clingy velcro dog breeds; these dogs love the most human companionship.

2. Labrador retriever

These dogs, known as "dogs with a heart of gold, " create strong bonds with their owner with unconditional love.

3. Border collie

Most intelligent and workaholic dogs are clingy dogs that are always by your side with full devotion.

4. Maltese

This Small size but Big heart full of love are small clingy companion dogs that love the centre of attention.

5. Golden retriever

Golden retrievers love spending time with their loved ones and ensuring their owners are happy.

6. German shepherd

Clingy guard dogs full of loyalty and affection are always present with you to protect you.

7. Pug 

Charming small companions love to cuddle with an affectionate and playful personality.

8. Italian Greyhound

Last but not least, velcro dogs love to follow you around and are incredibly affectionate.

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