Top 8 Worst Dog Breeds For Seniors

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1. Pitbull terrier

Pitbull terriers are the worst dog breeds for seniors because their protective nature can become aggressive toward other animals and humans.

2. Australian shepherd

These High energy dogs require lots of attention for their regular exercise, which may not be the perfect choice for seniors.

3. Border collie

These dogs are unsuitable for apartments as they are very energetic and need space for their physical activities.

4. Cocker spaniel

Training is challenging; therefore, these dogs may not be an excellent choice for some seniors.

5. Rottweiler

Due to the strength and size of the Rottweiler not suitable for first-time owners and needs early-age Training for its good behavior.

6. Akita

Due to a Lack of Training, Akita may get aggressive toward strangers and other dogs.

7. Chow Chow

These dogs are known for their aggressive temperament, and their independent nature may not suit children. 

8. Dalmatian

One of the prettiest dogs, famous for its cost, is a perfect choice only for experienced owners as these dogs are difficult to train.

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